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Legal & Security

Legal & Security

This document forms the legal agreement between icoCoin (official website) and the individual registering with the website through sign up page in order to use the services offered by the website. This document “Terms of Use” defines all the terms and conditions which are applied to the individual registering with us. You are bound to comply with this document in order to use the services. By signing up over the site, you are legally bound to follow this document. The website strictly prohibits the services to the individuals below the age of 18 (minors). If you fail to understand the terms and conditions or having some problem, please feel to contact us before making use of any of our services.

Site Eligibility

There may be some certain content visible over the icoCoin website as prior to registration. But in order to fully use the services you need to create an official icoCoin account with us and agree to our terms and conditions. Some legal points which you are bound to comply while registering with us:

  • The information which you are providing during registration should be 100% authentic, real, latest, accurate and complete.
  • The services usage used by you does not violate any regulations or legal laws set by your jurisdiction.
  • You should have reached 18 years of age or whatever is the permissible legal age limit in your respective jurisdiction. You should also have consent from your parents or a legal guardian who in turn would be responsible for using our services.

Account, Password & Security

The information provided while registering should be fully authentic, complete and accurate in all aspects. icoCoin will be storing and maintain your credentials over a highly secured database so as to keep it safe, accurate and tamper proof. The information will be asked for one time i.e. during the registration stage. The individual should be held responsible for all the activities which follow in case the information provided is incomplete, inaccurate or untrue.

Your icoCoin account and password should be kept confidential and should not be shared to other. The user should be clear that the account and password of icoCoin are non-transferable and cannot be landed to others. icoCoin shall not take any responsibility in case your account is illegally used or get hacked due to password sharing or poor password adoption.

User Conduct

While using any of these services you are bound to comply with certain laws. Any kind of illegal and inappropriate activities are strictly prohibited on the official website. Here are some activities (but not all) which should be kept in mind:

  • The information should not be uploaded, posted, spread or displayed by any other means to any other platform.
  • The activities followed should not be illegal or violate the constitutional laws of the jurisdiction.
  • The individual should not leak out the state secrets, endanger the state security or do not perform any activity which may undermine or subvert state power/unity.
  • No such activity should be performed which can damage nation’s interest and affect its dignity & honor.
  • The activity should not incite ethnic discrimination/hatred or promote any kind of cultural and feudal superstition.
  • Individual shall note that he should not perform any activity which may lead to rumors or held responsible for disrupting social order and stability.
  • No obscene content such as porn, gambling, murder, violence terrorism etc should be promoted.
  • Your activity should not insult or slander the rights for others.
  • The activity should not contain any false, abusive, vulgar, morally objectionable or harassing content.
  • You should not misuse the network for any illegal or hacking purposes.
  • The information shared by you should not contain any objectionable content prohibited by the UK laws, rules and regulations.
  • Some activities which are strictly not allowed over the official website:

  • The computer network or resources should not be used without proper permissions and approval.
  • No activity shall be performed that compromise over the security of the computer network.
  • If the user is found to perform any of the activity, he shall be held responsible to deleting all the information or correcting the systems. This may also result in temporary to permanent termination of the icoCoin account.
  • The members are strongly prohibited to sell or copy the information/services and use it for commercial purposes.

Special Warning for International Usages

The user should understand that as internet offers a borderless international market, the user should himself responsible to abide by the internet regulations in his own jurisdiction. The icoCoin user should comply with all applicable norms which are set by the regulatory authorities in his nation/state/jurisdiction.

General Measures for Usage & Storage

The user should abide by the general restrictions and measures in order to use the services.

  • The services will retain all the e-mails to the limit set by the user.
  • The maximum number of emails send or received will depend upon the storage allocation or the disk allocation space offered by icoCoin to the specific user.
  • The user will be held responsible for any/all information or content deleted or forgotten to save over the disk. We shall not be responsible for any loss of data due to this negligence.
  • icoCoin has full right to terminate a user’s account if it has not been used over a year.
  • We have the final authority and can change any relevant information or restrictions any time without any prior notification.

Revise of the Service

icoCoin does not hold any liability or responsible for any third party or the users. The user should agree that we have full rights to alter or modify any rule, regulation or norms at any time without giving any official notification.

We shall not be held responsible for any loss of data, content or information. It is the duty of the user to properly save all the relevant data which he may feel will be required in future. It is recommended to make a copy or store your data before closing your account before logging off your browser.

Termination of Service

Users should understand that we have got the full decision making power to judge and take action accordingly. Any violation in terms and conditions or non-usage of the account, shall lead to termination of account and some of the services permanently. We have got full authority to review and delete any content posted by the user if it is violating our applicable laws.

We also have full authority to discontinue the services without sending any prior or formal notification to the user. If the user still tries to violate the terms and conditions, the account will be terminated permanently.

Guarantee Services

The user shall understand that our services and provisions should not be presented as an excuse for personal injury or any kind of property damage/loss. The user is fully responsible for the damage incurred and should be ready to bear the consequences. We do not offer any warranty (implied or explicit) for our services related to any specific purpose or any commercial fitness.icoCoin shall offer no guarantee for the following events:

  • Services meeting your requirement;
  • Services provided shall be current, reliable, accurate and undisturbed
  • We shall not be responsible in case the services aren’t meeting the expectations.
  • The user will be responsible for any/all the content or material downloaded from our website and any data loss/damage incurred due to that download.
  • The user should take the advice or other information in the User agreement, and use it at his own risk.

Limitation of Liability

icoCoin and its shareholders, office bearers, founders, agents, employees and affiliates shall not be held responsible for direct or indirect losses incurred as a result of service usage. The losses include (but not limited to) loss of profits/funds, business interruption, loss of property etc. icoCoin does not guarantee the authenticity of the web content, integrity, reliability and validity. The icoCoin and its team are exempted from any legal liability resulting thereafter.

We shall not be held responsible for the loss or compensation in case there is a problem with the network and resources at the user or third-party end. The problem include (but not limited to) network failure, hacking, power failure, computer viruses, or internet attacks etc. The best way out is to negotiate with us and terminate this agreement after that.

The activities performed by the user shall not violate any laws, regulations and rules set by UK authority. The user should promise to use the service and all the information in a legal manner. Any breach in the terms and conditions of icoCoin or laws by UK regulatory authority may lead in permanent termination of the service and account.

The email services provided by us shall not be used to send spam or other viruses. The company may take strict action for violating the terms of usage agreement.

We have the final authority and have full right to delete, modify and edit any uploaded content by the user in accordance with the regulations and government norms. We do so in order to protect its own and users’ dignity.

Violation of any term in this agreement or any infringing rights of the third party may provoke the third party to claim compensation or file a lawsuit. We have the full authority to recourse the loss which includes (but not limited to) loss of reputation, compensation and legal costs.

The Terms and Conditions

This Terms of Usage agreement is a formal agreement between the icoCoin and the user. The main objective of this agreement is to regulate the user behavior and avoid him to violate any laws or perform inappropriate activity. By agreeing to this agreement, the user has to comply by all the rules/regulations listed in this document unconditionally.

The user shall also comply with all the services and software’s offered by icoCoin. This user document is subject to the UK laws which also strengthen the bond between user and icoCoin.

In case there are certain issues or problems with the icoCoin services or the documents, the issues can be resolved in an amiable consultations and negotiations. In case, the user is still dissatisfied, the issue can be taken to the relevant institutions.

In case there is a conflict between any provision offered in this document and the laws set by UK, the provision shall be considered invalid. This will not affect other provisions which are in harmony with the UK laws.