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How It Work


Tokenized projects enforced by smart contracts

The blockchain infrastructure allows the developers to tokenize their projects and approach crowds of users. icoCoin is bounded to use the tokenized system in order to generate a digital currency which can support investors’ investments around the globe to become more effective and reinforce investors’ investment particularly in cashless societies. The project can be supported by investors globally. Without cryptocurrency, this practice is near impossible to implement with fiat money due to international investment legislation hurdles.

A global, decentralized investing model

The smart contract mechanism helps icoCoin build a global, decentralized funding model that is not possible with fiat. The smart contract assures investor that there is no “smoking mirrors” or “back-room dealings” with the projects. All terms and conditions are laid out in codes and can be inspected quickly and easily.

Transparency with privacy where necessary

Lastly, the usage of blockchain technology protects the investors’ privacy while keeping necessary elements of the investing process visible. icoCoin divides data into on-chain and off-chain. Most sensitive information such as KYC/AML clearances is encrypted and saved off-chain. On the other hand, public terms of transactions are stored on-chain to showcase the project’s data integrity.